Developing a Social Media Strategy

5 articles I researched on developing a social media strategy all provided some very good insight. showed a very simplified way to look at a social media strategy and explained some very helpful tips to get a marketer starte with social media. The most important was the part about selecting metrics to tell whether or not the marketing strategy is successful or not. Why do it if it isn’t working?

The next article on social media strategy,, explained how to make infographics and how to get your social media posts to stand out. This can be very helpful since a lot of social media marketing is very visual. People don’t want to just read text, infographics stand out well. was the next article I read on this topic. The author gives some very good insight from a very professionally experienced perspective. Once again explaining to value metrics in evaluating your marketing efforts as well as analyzing results, this article brought it one step further and explained how to work with the results to make the efforts work.

The next article I read showed a successful effort that went viral and how it all happened. shows how a marketing team used twitter and facebook to make the batkid event in san francisco a huge marketing success. Securing some important twitter handles can really help to promote a business. 

The final article gives future marketers a starting point and explains how to set up realistic goals when using social media for marketing efforts. I also like how it explains that participation in social media when marketing is no longer an option, it’s a must. 


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