SEO Article Review

When researching articles on SEO, I learned that there are a ton of things to need to know when trying to get your site found through a search engine. and are two articles that really opened my eyes and taught me that there is a lot more to your search engine optimization than just tagging and blogging. These two unique strategies take time, but seem to have very good results. I also learned through this site, that search engines are everchanging. There were successful methods used in the past that are just not relevant anymore. By staying away from these outdated methods, your SEO can be more successful. 

As with all of my blog topics, I have found a tutorial for almost everything, including SEO. This author seems to know his stuff. Once again after reading this article I was astounded at how much there is to getting your website found. This blog was very visual and the easiest to read. It gives a good how-to to users trying to get better site rankings and improve SEO. The periodic table the author made is a nice touch. Makes the article much more fun to read and easier to understand.


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