Blog About Blogging

I recently researched 5 articles having to do with blogging and found them very interesting. The first article I read,, gave 10 commandments/rules that every blog should follow. Rules such as you should post every day, you should remember you’re trying to sell something, and to remember that the blog is simply a marketing tool. 

The next article i read explained things to avoid for new bloggers. Common mistakes such as being original and not copying material from other bloggers is explained. Also the author explains that you need to know about the legal issues surrounding blogging. was the next article that appealed to me and this assignment. It provides some very useful links on techniques and motivation when writing blogs. An interesting link showed how to make your blog stand out from the crowd. This led to the next article I researched. shows bloggers different ways to make a blog more useful and unique. Pointers include not linking the same site more than once every two weeks, quoting unknown sources, and not to whine.

The final article I read explained how blogs tend to fail due to the failure of the user to keep them going. Motivation is a big factor when it comes to blogs and keeping them active. Users also tend to give up on blogs if they do not see instantaneous results.